Our story began in May 1996 when we took on our first biography project. Soon after, we became actively concerned with filling some actual gaps in knowledge production on the African continent. With our strong background in scholarly research and publishing within the global university system, vibrant interest and participation in our service soon spanned across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia, and our flagship publication, Journal of Cultural Studies, stood out as a beacon of intellectual renaissance on the continent. It offered hundreds of scholars and professors a viable platform for the promotion of research-based knowledge and career advancement.

We have since evolved into a more general society-oriented scholarly organisation, with a name that derives from the Greco-Roman mythology of creativity and productivity in the context of a venture that was birthed in the university community.  

May Publishing Limited is a research, knowledge management and publishing firm, which has continued to pursue remarkable heights in the production, management and preservation of knowledge, in scholarly and strategic research and publishing, and in the development of high standards in literacy and learning through general interest works. With its excellent research-oriented publications and professionally articulated compendiums of biographies, autobiographies, corporate histories, and scholarly literatures, it has been distinguished for and committed to the digital documentation of knowledge and information that are essential to the high value-orientation and development of society. Through its cutting-edge research, professional editorial processes, and unique methods of harnessing and producing audience-compelling narratives, the firm has been assigned world-class projects from top-class individuals, corporate entities, and other states institutions, the depth of which has been attested by readers as appealing, engaging and significant to human, social and corporate development.

Registered in Nigeria as a limited liability company in August 2011, the firm had since 1999 operated as African Cultural Institute (ACI). Its flagship Journal of Cultural Studies was widely referenced, abstracted and indexed by various leading global academic indexing organizations such as the Modern Language Association (MLA), the Cambridge Sociological Abstracts (CSA), the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), ProQuest, EBSCO, and African Journals online (AJOL). Following the successful management of the journal, the organization ventured into partnership with various academic departments in universities and helped develop their academic journals and other scholarly books. It has also partnered with various national and global organisations in producing and delivering top quality research projects.

With a team of vastly experienced and dedicated staff, and a strong background in scholarly research, research management and publishing, the firm has expanded its position and role in the field of heritage research and corporate knowledge management through the prolific end-to-end production of biographies, autobiographies, corporate histories, business publishing for corporate organisations, community publishing, and publishing consultancy.

Its operations and strategies are currently being underscored by the combined impacts of technology in advancing the course of knowledge development and the need for a collective repertoire of inspiring and elevating human and corporate experience. Thus, May Publishing Limited is exploring integrated digital research and publishing platforms in the service of knowledge and its production and circulation, and to manage and promote standard social values, legacies of human achievements, business and social opportunities, and the advancement of lives and careers. 

We aim to become a well-regarded global brand, and a first-choice organization in heritage and strategic research and publishing. We seek to continue to help individuals and organizations to systematically capture, organize and translate into authentic and compelling narratives the historical and contemporary experiences and collective memories and identities that have embody their lives and development, and which could significantly signpost future directions and accomplishments. The company will continue to thrive on creating, promoting and preserving the ennobling and enriching elements and values of human and social experience.

Our Mission

To produce sound knowledge, and promote narratives of inspiring human experiences.

Our Vision

To be a first-choice organisation and leader in educational, heritage and strategic research and publishing

Our Core Values


Innovative Communication

Excellent Service Delivery

People-Oriented Development

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Our Objectives

  • Promote global standards of excellence in educational, heritage and strategic research and publishing;
  • Become a leading heritage and strategic research and publishing brand on the African continent;
  • Serve as a prominent platform for the promotion of Africa’s heritage, knowledge systems and success stories..

Our Team

udu yakubu

Udu Yakubu, PhD

antonia yakubu

Anthonia Yakubu, PhD

Non-Executive Director

Isaac Mankilik, PhD

Non-Executive Director

Moyosore Olaofe

Editorial Manager
Susan Erunse

Susan Erunse

Executive Assistant to CEO





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