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We provide a comprehensive & personalized approach to research and book publishing

Experience & Quality

As an educational and heritage research and publishing firm in Nigeria, May Publishing Limited has existed for over two decades with mastery of biographical writings. We work in consonance with our core visions to maintain integrity, professionalism, innovative communication, excellent service delivery, and people-oriented development. We deliver custom professional biographies of the highest quality to enhance the chances of our clients in attaining their maximum potentials in their chosen career.


We pride ourselves of professional and experienced writers and editors who are interested in handling your project at any time, crafting your stories to produce beautiful and attractive piece. They understand the centrality of research techniques to producing captivating stories of the subject and so they work with vitality, precision and accuracy. They are always willing to engage the subject in personal interviews, telephone conversation, and conduct further research to gain vast understanding of stories before building your narratives in a glamorous way.

Client-Oriented Services & Reliability

We prioritize our client’s need and adhere strictly to our professional ethics to ensure that our clients’ projects are delivered on or before the specified deadlines. In crafting stories, we do not work independent of our clients; we work with them to provide us with substantial information through personal interviews or telephone conversation.


Our writing and editorial services are original in content. We are committed to delivering world-class quality projects at affordable prices


Feedback System

We also operate a feedback mechanism through which we communicate with clients to confirm their satisfaction on assigned projects.


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